Where did I come from?

I’m not black

I’m not white
I’m not Puerto Rican  
When I leave the country 
They ask me nationality
My confusion compiles
I’m not American
Maybe if I dash
For cash fast Nuff
I’m not Latino
I’m not hispanic
I’m not ‘hood
I’m not privileged
I’m told to know my place
Not to take up too much space
There’s only so much I can say
Because I can’t relate
What’s good for this movement
May not be good for my soul
My confusion takes a toll
I lost all my identity
So I’ve chosen to take that of the world
Humanity is my sanity
Though to find it is a rarity
And to instill it maybe be Pyrrhic
Our converts so recidivistic
Looks into the mirror masochistic 
Masses kiss this 
And just as quickly miss this
Could flip this like a key
Open doors to shit 
I thought I’d only see
In the movies or videos
Gardens of abundance 
Never using a hoe
So far I’ve come 
I look to you
Please guide me
Where do I go?

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