Redefine what’s mined

Redefine what’s mine

Redefine what you ascribe
To body soul and mind
So one day you fine/d
Redefine what’s mind
We can only redefine
When we read the time
Read to find mine
What we must inject
In order to reflect
Outside Cuz we must
Redefine what’s mine
Read to find what’s mind
When mine has been owned
A long time
So if I follow mind
Lead through mines
Of crimes
Some justifiable in time
In the meantime
Waiting in line
Contained, confined
With plenty of time to
Redefine what’s mind
Value measured
In dollars and cents
When we trapped by collars
And lack of sense
It’s easy to see why
Our lack is so dense
What is success
When your ppl outcast
Sitting outside the fence
We a mess
Lord please help me just
Redefine what’s mine
We made you rich
With our sugar cane and shit
We picked it for you too
Everything a gift
Respect and valued
You miss me with this
Insist on your lies
Just taking our hits
We ain’t taking back what’s ours
We taking the world
Mother fucker looking at me wrong
Taking his girl
Taking his life 
Taking unfurls
Redefine what’s mind

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