About With Revolutionary Love

Collection of poetic, philosophical, and research based writings in the name of revolutionary love to create conversation about complex and taboo topics.

Revolutionary Love – Love as a feeling and as an action. Love that transforms. Love that uplifts. Love that recognizes the full range of human emotion and seeks to transform and grow.

Topics to be targeted:

-Love and what it means in it’s complexity
-Patriarchy and how it’s dismantling is in the benefit of all people including those identifying as “men”
-Race, ethnicity and culture
-White (often called supremacy) mediocrity
-Puerto Rico – Historical and Current Events/Reflections
-Progressive Revolutionary Action

And More to Come.

The common thread is the intersectional aspects of revolutionary progress.

The vision of this is cooperative and communal. Writing collaborations and feedback is always welcome.

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Black History Month

Super bowl Sunday
Black history month
Super soul some days
Though black history cut
To 28 days out the year
For 28 days we appear
To care
About a people
We’ve rebranded into fear
Black engrained in our past
Like ying needs yang
To talk and be about black is a sin all the same
It’s a sign when your overshadowed by a football game
Those who want to make a stand are crooks who need tame
Insane is who we are
Blinded by fake stars
How can we ever grow
If we don’t acknowledge our own scars
How far, how many yards
Can we drag our people through
Before you wake up one day and realize the problems you
Super bowl Sunday
Black history month
– Sobrevivente

Roman Candle

​You ever wonder what a Roman candle feels like on the inside
At that very moment when the fire touches it’s fuse??
Burning desire and passion exploding out of every crevice that allows its escape
Do you ever wonder what a Roman candle feels like?
Lighting up the night, lighting up the sky
The colors dance across the smiling faces of all the passerbys
Do you ever wonder what a Roman candle feels like?
Knowing that this beauty, this uncontrollable passion will one day fade. Some people might forget it existed. But for those moments it is as powerful as the sun. For those moments it changed lives. For those moments time stood still. For those moments it was free.
Do you ever wonder what a Roman candle feels?
– Sobre

I’m Greatness

To everyone who told me I wasn’t shit
Who asked me to leave
Who told me I didn’t belong
All you did was delay the inevitable
My divinity always shines through
And don’t worry I’m polytheistic in thought
Don’t feel threatened by my godliness
Embrace yours

The divinity within me
Frightened so many
Shit it even frightened Me
Poly Theoretically
Embedded deep
I’m heavenly blessed with intense eccentricities
Incapabilities escaping me
I know I kill myself so beautifully
Each breath is life and death
I choose both to be power
I choose to fill every hour
With life and love to fill a tower
I babel when I rattle off thoughts
Embattled with my gifts and curse
Why do you come to me with all your needs
Insanity, it seems my blessings be, coupled with that which is tin sans it’s tee
Phonetically at least
Sometimes I wish I can just be rattling off rhymes to pass the time and find dimes to build comfort and crime
But you always ask more
One more tour in this war for our collective conscious, our soul
Just waiting for the day I absorb into the earths core
Either through meditation or disintegration
My meds is ancient, and this is the greatest
What you’re witnessing is a compilation of constant revelations
Keep ignoring and watch as apocalypse X out all men
Me, I’m greatness

– Sobrevivente

What Matters

When I wake up will I see what I was meant to see
When I wake up will I be what was meant to be
Or will I be to worried about how I’m going to find something to eat?
Always ask me when I’m going add to them bones with some, meat/meet
With my people in my heart, I have little time for these treats
They tell me to be patient
It’ll all come in do/due rhyme
At least that’s what I heard, when the nouns and verbs converge and I merge them into memory, collectively collecting the, remedies for the system, oppressing me, perplexing the, rest of these, but I let them see my words are chemistry, alchemy, changing composition of what matters

The american Dream

The american Dream is like a pair of Jordan’s. They are constantly selling and creating new versions of them and also at the same time repackaging and redistributing the same bull shit ones you thought were played out years ago.

And what do you do? You wait in line for hours, sacrifice your livelihood, drop half your paycheck, skip meals, your babies diapers can wait, you even kill & steal. Just to put them on your feet and walk all over them. And it’s not until you die that you realize that it’s nothing more than $5 of leather and cloth made in a foreign factory by a child being sold a dream that one day they too can escape that world through hard work and dedication.


#Jordans #MJ #AmericanDream #Poetry

How Much The Cost?

When did freedom become an economic choice
I would be free if I could afford to just BE
Shit I know I’m difficult
How much does it cost to be a person like me
Nah for real, let’s break it down, economically
Standing against patriarchy
Refused adherence to euro-centricity
Deconstruction of white supremacy
Let’s run that tab, how much will all that cost me?


Reflections On Ego

It’s a difficult feeling when people view you as being transient and replaceable. Indoctrination in our societal structure seems to be coupled with this instinctual urge to be desired, to be favored, to be liked and loved.
We want to empower others but it’s painful when that empowerment leads to you having to step back and remove yourself from a place you felt valued and appreciated at one point. It’s another of life’s many ironies. We want to see others great but when their greatness exceeds their need for our assistance or guidance we are terrified. It’s a strike to our ego. At that point we need to decide which feelings are more important to us, their success or our desire to be needed.
I find that desire to be needed so egotistically driven. Human has the need to center itself in everything. Hence why we thought earth was the center of the universe for so long and killed defending that thought. Watching a movie I once heard a monk character say “our comfort is never more important than the comfort of another living creature, our life is never more important than the life of another living creature. How self centered would that be to think otherwise?”
I have learned that true love comes with the ability to let go. Even if the person you love resents you for it. If you know in your heart that the person is better off without your presence or if there is no longer space for you in that person’s life you must let go if you truly love them. You have done your part in empowering them to no longer need you. Now you must find the next steps in your path. Walking away brings you closer to the true love you feel for that person. It brings you closer to ridding yourself of ego. It brings you closer to freedom.


We were so much to one another
How did we end up being such
If only there was
But the more I touch it
You running
It’s pushing
Us apart
I know I’m a part
Of the problem
But it’s like an uphill battle
Every time I work to resolve em
So if it’s easier
I’ll just be the monster
And we can play the
Blame game

– Sobreviviente

There is War

There is war
Til we no longer have to run like emmet
Until Catch 22s no longer systemic
Until there is no longer the allusion of seclusion
Or delusion towards inclusion
There is war
Until truth is shed through the M.I.C.
And they heed the locks of Martin
Avoid the booze in more than just the tunes
And refuse the general dynamic of a destructive planet
There is war
Oh yes there is war
Until we no longer celebrate the pawns used to destroy
For the sake of capitalistic game
There is war
We will fight it in the street
There is war
We will fight it in the classrooms
There is war
We will fight it in the boardrooms
There is war
We will fight it in the court rooms
We will fight this war
Revolutionary war
War of love

– Sobrevivente

Note: Inspired by “War” by Bob Marley

Thoughts of Freedom

I’m starting to realize that being happy and fighting for freedom or even being free are two very different things. The life of a soldier is not the glorified image presented through the propaganda machine. A revolutionary soldier falls into that category.
Pain, frustration, fight, deep thoughts, and compassion are my norms. There is a dream of freedom that I had. And I do my best to live it within a society that only celebrates surface level freedom but uses “societal norms”, religious doctrine, and capitalistic marketing to shun the things that you are “Free” to do and be, so even when you are free by law, society makes you pay dearly for certain abilities to just be yourself. Within those moments of freedom I on occasion find happiness. And it is overwhelming in its beauty.
– Sobreviviente