Money ain’t shit

Searching for the app that can give me a piece of mine
Just a peace of mind
Gap grows greater
Between what’s mined and what’s been presented as natural in time
We will all see the truth
Like in the economic system failure ain’t our fault here’s the proof
Money is created from debt
For every dollar there’s a loan
Loan generates interest
So debt always exceeds cash in circulation
Homelessness and poverty are natural byproducts
But we call it flow and it’s in circulation
We treat it like the greatest truth
We buy products we don’t need
Just so our own horn we can toot
You need proof read it for yourself
Secede from the lies told by the wealth
How can they blame loss on you when not everyone can win
Play the game perfectly and you still ain’t shit
Don’t let them full you with that “if we all work hard”
It’s all bullshit rhetoric
To indefinitely mislead you
To definite preceding views
Of the truth I will be seeding you
With, don’t stop, don’t quit go deeper
Take a couple more steps down this road
See how far the rabbit hole goes


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