Thoughts of a revolutionary #27

I miss her
Seconds turned to minutes
Minutes turned to hours
Hours turned to days
Days turned to weeks
In that space time no longer mattered
It was no longer tracked
All that’s left is what? Matter
Diving in your greatest depths
I used to think I had her
But she exercise/exorcise too much to ever be possessed
Exercise her body and exorcise her mind
Of the crimes and perceptions used to define
She used to be fine
Now she’s used to be fine
But in my mind she’s used to define fine
The fine line that divides
Where I am and where I want to be
Hides light
Like clouds block poking rays of sunshine
Id raise the son to shine
Even if I raise a son not mine
Give what I can knowing the universe reacts in kind
I get sidetracked when my mind spills
So multifaceted have them asking which side was that?
Wish, hide, combat
Which lie you buy back
With out eyes you see fact
Light too bright you see black
Black so bright makes you light
When common sung light
He was talking about me and you, right?


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