Smile through the pain

I never meant to feel so distant
Your touch it scares me though I miss it
Every time I see your mouth I just want to kiss it
Fear is a mother I’ll make note to fix it
When you walk with your heart open to it all
It’s hard to rise too far without having a fall
My brother once told me that’s how I learn to get up
No matter how many times I do I’m trying to learn not to get tough
I see the beauty in your eyes and am amazed by my luck
The time that you’re in my presence never seems to be enough
Then why didn’t i hold you in my arms
Instead of using my crutch
You shouldn’t pay for the hurt
If I don’t change I can see the future that lurks
Maybe I’m scared after you I won’t want to search
Whatever the reason I need to jump
Whatever bumps and bruises I take my lumps
Smile through the pain


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