It all fits

You liked me better
When I only existed in your inbox
Can we go back there
Where I was latching on to you
You were latching on to me
Black smith the way I mold my poetry
To creatively capture your radiancy
The frequency of which you enter my mind
Even when you are out of my sight not far behind
If you let me shine my light all I’ll have for you is lime
I hope that is fine
I hope in time
You’ll share what’s on your mind
What exists in your soul
That escapes the bounds of time
No matter how far I go
How far I fly
In what facilities I occupy
What new things I try
I crave you
Is how I feel
Willing hostage
Lips sealed
Till they connect with yours
Send me a piece of your heart through your lips
Don’t go yet
Not so quick
Just one more moment to see
If it all fits
Just a little bit


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