In you lost

Wear sunglasses so you can’t see the pain in my eyes
I feign a couple smiles
So you think everything is alright
The world tearing me up inside
Why do I always have to fight
Battle struggle
Why can’t we just cuddle
Where do you run to
When I share
The subtle
Nuances that glare
Through my soul
I try to act like I don’t care
But each time it takes a toll
Twitter troll
So I can bare
This roaring bear ripping me up
Present since you no longer bared your naked mind body and spirit
Nah ma stay
Please one more night
One more hour
One more second
Share your light
Share your power
Please don’t lessen
I’m ready for my lesson
I can handle your blessings
No more calls, no more texting
For you the sunglasses come off
See all I am, in you loss/lost


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