I love you

I love you
And yes it’s true I love everyone and everything
But the love I have for you is quite different
It is as unique as you are
It guides me and shapes me
Even if we go days or weeks without speaking
Even if we’ve gone months or years without gazing into each other’s eyes
Even if we never have or never will again
Something about your essence can be transferred through written message
Can be felt in your voice
Something about you
It guides me, it shapes me


World’s Greatest Drug

We are all addicted
To a drug of our choosing
We condemn it
Like it’s sickening
Totes, injections, swallows, sniffs
Criminalization of victimless actions
The real drug of our destruction
The one that incites no reaction
Conformity to the world’s instruction
Induction into mind numbing group think
Leaving our entire collective being out of sync
So contradictory
As we find ourselves we lose ourselves in work
In friends, in familiarity
It shelters us from our fears
Shaves off years
From our pursuit of truth
Then wonder why we have so much lost youth
When you still haven’t found the lost you

The life liver

When I see you it feels like I’m dancing in the rain
Liberate from the weight and the pain
Feeling just a little more sane
When I let you in my brain
You dig into my soul
Shake my chakras and realign me at my very core
Oh how I adore your essence your being
Got me 😍 when I’m seeing
You see in you things I hope to be
Hope to me is how I hope to be
Hopefully you see what you’ve done to me
And do to us
Let your light shine so bright
It’s uncommon to trust
Anything you can’t tame or understand
Nothing can tame that lion’s mane
That lioness contains
Money power and fame can’t encapsulate from where you came
And where you are
You a star
Not red carpets
But cathartic sights above shooting without a trigger
Nothing bigger than you
The life liver

Just beneath the heavens

When I dream
I feel so fucking alive
So why would I stop
When I open my eyes?
When I open past I
I know we will strive
carry the weight of the future
Feeling light as a feather
Float like a butterfly
Sting a little more clever
Butt I fly
In any kind of weather
Whether or not
You see it
I’m just beneath the heavens
Poking my sight through the cloud

Thoughts of a revolutionary #33 – lost boy

Lost boy trying to find my happy thought/thot
Maybe her brain will make me fly
Talks with Lucy might just open my eyes
That smile and that look from behind
Bell biv dovoe gave me these trust issues
Lie tissues to dry up an oil spill
Lie BP sold bought and ate cold
Block so hot hustle not so different from the stock
Markets are markets
Black, white, brown, red, yellow
Hello, good morning, wake up
Habré los ojos cuando yo
Drop knowledge
Not it to not live
Not sick that’s not it
That’s not why we’re here
Listen act like you hear
Here or there breath to bear fruit from the trees grown from seeds you sow
Reap to show it’s possible to grow
Without creating fear
They will stand their ground in a town near you
Hit you with that glass roof y yo
Just trying to rufio

Thoughts of a revolutionary #32

I meet her in my dreams
At nights I visit her
Even when there are women in my bed
Close my eyes for her I search
Greatness what I seek
In her arms it gives me worth
Peering to my soul
Addressing hurt lurch like
Never scared since the first mic
Killer she destroys what’s wrong for right
Hope she never left
Try defy space and time
She told me
Abre los ojos
But I’m scared step on mines
Already know the truth
Rather live this pretty lie
Lie here waiting to kiss your lips
Send your soul into mine
I’m fine, I’m okay, close to spectacular
Spectator to the world as Draculas
Suck it all dry
Just hold me
Never touched me before
Don’t make me shut em tight
I’m gone