Not for my consumption

What I wouldn’t give to have my head pressed against your bosom

A moment of warmth in this cold world

Sound therapy as you soothe me with the sound of your voice

You stimulate my mind, my body, my soul

If I had the choice, I’d never leave this, hold

On for as long as you would allow

But now you have to go

Your heavenly essence is too great for just me to consume


I lay in bed after a long day Hoping you would come 

Hoping I won’t have to say

When you come I want you to come to stay

Delusions flooding through my brain 

Thinking my touch can raise 

Feelings in you no other man can attain 

Areas of your mind areas of your frame

I plant my flag and let it wave

How fragile the ego

She straps her six inch heels

That she wears for the appeal

Conceals her heavenly essence

And takes her blessings


Is it real, is it real 2

Is it real is it real

The feelings I make me feel
The conscious that I revealed 
Obnoxiousness concealed
Con sheet endless 
Can she end this
They tell me she’s a pro 
Cuz she knows just what she wants
Will settle for nothing more
Is it real is it real
Please just tell me what to feel
Tell me what’s on my mind
Help me make something build
Knock knock
Who’s there?
My mind is a mess 
How the fuck did I get here
Is it real is it real 
The energy that I feel 
When your spirit enters mine 
Loosened by some wine 
Maybe a little dutty 
Maybe a single element
Maybe a little pure 
Why do I adore you?
Because you’re a queen
When the world tells you to kneel you rise
When we lock eyes
I’m blessed by your energy 
Interlock thighs I’m not sure I’m ready
For the overwhelming flow of a goddess 
Infecting my spirit with brilliance 
Until the mere thought of you invokes orgasmic feelings of ecstasy
This can’t be sustained 
Terrible Tuesday’s are coming 
But not as quick as I am
Is it real is it real 
My guts spill
Pour out my brain heart and soul
An acid trip gone awry
Not even hunter can reach my depth
Lost in a trip I might of heard about before
Where am I??
Where did I go
Seek my soul to reflect the power of the outermost 
One day a Buddha will be enlightened by a Instagram post
Toast to that
Is it real is it real
It must be 
Because when she whispers
When it whispers
When I whisper
It touches me

She said

She said I saved her life
She said it was so dark
She said I was her light
Even though she was my spark
She said she is so good
Because I am so great
She accepted all my love
Let go of all her hate
She said I loved her well
When she didn’t even love her self
She said it’s hard to tell
But she knows her own wealth
She said she knows how hard
It is to live so free
She said it’s what she loves the most
And why she’s so scared of me

What you won’t do for love.

Should I up my misogyny
Would that make them like me
Use a couple more drugs
Couple more disses
Couple less hugs
Couple less kisses
Coupled with a little more thug
Would that get me the love
That I seek
This whole fucking thing reeks
A ring pop enlisting me
In the happiness of your soul
Can never match Tiffany
And Lamborghini doors
Comfort more important than
Freedom to be
To love
To explore
Umbilical to the system
Never cut the chord