I’m Greatness

To everyone who told me I wasn’t shit
Who asked me to leave
Who told me I didn’t belong
All you did was delay the inevitable
My divinity always shines through
And don’t worry I’m polytheistic in thought
Don’t feel threatened by my godliness
Embrace yours

The divinity within me
Frightened so many
Shit it even frightened Me
Poly Theoretically
Embedded deep
I’m heavenly blessed with intense eccentricities
Incapabilities escaping me
I know I kill myself so beautifully
Each breath is life and death
I choose both to be power
I choose to fill every hour
With life and love to fill a tower
I babel when I rattle off thoughts
Embattled with my gifts and curse
Why do you come to me with all your needs
Insanity, it seems my blessings be, coupled with that which is tin sans it’s tee
Phonetically at least
Sometimes I wish I can just be rattling off rhymes to pass the time and find dimes to build comfort and crime
But you always ask more
One more tour in this war for our collective conscious, our soul
Just waiting for the day I absorb into the earths core
Either through meditation or disintegration
My meds is ancient, and this is the greatest
What you’re witnessing is a compilation of constant revelations
Keep ignoring and watch as apocalypse X out all men
Me, I’m greatness

– Sobrevivente

Sobreviviente – What is in a Name

Sobreviviente is my nickname.  It is my writing name.  But honestly it has become more than that.  So I want to share with you all a little more about the name and what it means to me:

On top of


Surviving is about living. Being above what people define living as. Getting in the essence of living. Always being on top of what it means to be living each and every moment. Always concern yourself with it. That’s what it means to survive.

Anytime you pretend you want to be free,
I hear them chanting my name
So be
So me
So civil
So disobediently
– Sobreviviente

Who will bleed for change: Ode to Jermaine McBean

They say who will bleed for change

As our streets are covered in stains

They say who will bleed for change

When they forced us to be their slaves

Still haven’t been paid a fair wage

They say who will bleed for change

When one in three still locked inside a cage

They say who will bleed for change

On our backs this country was made

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz we always turning lemons to lemonade

They say who will bleed for change

As they rip apart our homes

For a new Starbucks or maybe just a 4 lane highway

They say who will bleed for change

While they shove heroine and cane in our veins

They say who will bleed for change

While our culture is now their fame

They say who will bleed for change

Our best interest is what they feign

They say who will bleed for change

While hashtags keep preceding our names

They say who will bleed for change

Air or real rifle we a threat all the same

They say who will bleed for change

While hands covered in the blood of Jermaine

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz they’ll never know our pain

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz they know how much blood they’ve spilt for things to remain the same

Not for my consumption

What I wouldn’t give to have my head pressed against your bosom

A moment of warmth in this cold world

Sound therapy as you soothe me with the sound of your voice

You stimulate my mind, my body, my soul

If I had the choice, I’d never leave this, hold

On for as long as you would allow

But now you have to go

Your heavenly essence is too great for just me to consume


I lay in bed after a long day Hoping you would come 

Hoping I won’t have to say

When you come I want you to come to stay

Delusions flooding through my brain 

Thinking my touch can raise 

Feelings in you no other man can attain 

Areas of your mind areas of your frame

I plant my flag and let it wave

How fragile the ego

She straps her six inch heels

That she wears for the appeal

Conceals her heavenly essence

And takes her blessings


I love you

I love you
And yes it’s true I love everyone and everything
But the love I have for you is quite different
It is as unique as you are
It guides me and shapes me
Even if we go days or weeks without speaking
Even if we’ve gone months or years without gazing into each other’s eyes
Even if we never have or never will again
Something about your essence can be transferred through written message
Can be felt in your voice
Something about you
It guides me, it shapes me


Being without seeing
Can I know my self
Without a mirror
Know what’s felt
Without a steerer
Know courage
Without fear
Conscious defined
By the things it is none
SubConsciously find
Pain to mix with fun
Hate to breed love
Lust offers enough
To feel not too much
How quickly we judge
Those who choose to feel
Maybe cuz we’re numb
Thinking that we’re nun
When really we’re none
Better than the weather
Whether you run
Or stay
Constitutes your way
Habits & contradictions
Like rabbits fucking is our addiction
Can’t judge a man who does a line
Cuz you do the same to mind
Same to mine
Same 2 mines
I see em every time
But I never avoid
It’s like I enjoy
The beautiful destruction they employ

What you won’t do for love.

Should I up my misogyny
Would that make them like me
Use a couple more drugs
Couple more disses
Couple less hugs
Couple less kisses
Coupled with a little more thug
Would that get me the love
That I seek
This whole fucking thing reeks
A ring pop enlisting me
In the happiness of your soul
Can never match Tiffany
And Lamborghini doors
Comfort more important than
Freedom to be
To love
To explore
Umbilical to the system
Never cut the chord