Is It Real, Is It Real

Is it real is it real
The feelings I make me feel
The conscious that I revealed
Obnoxiousness concealed

Con sheet endless
Can she end this
They tell me she’s a pro
Cuz she knows just what she wants
Will settle for nothing more

Is it real is it real
Please just tell me what to feel
Tell me what’s on my mind
Help me make something build

Knock knock
Who’s there?

My mind is a mess
How the fuck did I get here

Is it real is it real
The energy that I feel
When your spirit enters mine
Loosened by some wine
Maybe a little dutty
Maybe a single element
Maybe a little pure

Why do I adore you?
Because you are God
When the world tells you to kneel you rise
When we lock eyes
I’m blessed by your energy
Interlock thighs I’m not sure I’m ready
For the overwhelming flow of a goddess
Infecting my spirit with brilliance
Until the mere thought of you invokes orgasmic feelings of ecstasy
This can’t be sustained
Terrible Tuesday’s are coming
But not as quick as I am

Is it real is it real
My guts spill
Pour out my brain heart and soul
An acid trip gone awry
Not even hunter can reach my depth
Lost in a trip I might of heard about before

Where am I??
Where did I go
Seek my soul to reflect the power of the outermost
One day a Buddha will be enlightened by a Instagram post
Toast to that

Is it real is it real
It must be
Because when she whispers
When it whispers
When I whisper
It touches me


Blame Game

We were so much to one another
How did we end up being such
If only there was
But the more I touch it
You running
It’s pushing
Us apart
I know I’m a part
Of the problem
But it’s like an uphill battle
Every time I work to resolve em
So if it’s easier
I’ll just be the monster
And we can play the
Blame game

– Sobreviviente

Labor Day

Unions and labor rights movement is essential to our pursuit of liberation. But it has to be intersectional. It has to include femme labor and black labor and immigrant labor, and trans labor, etc.

“Have you ever asked yourself
When did you consent
To their power

“Where do you go for blessings
When you can’t afford to move with the ti(des/thes)
You re(collect) with the people
And rise”

“We finally see what it means
To seize the means
And control the things
That produce
The needs
Necessary to be
To be me
To be you
To be we”

“We used to feel invisible
Worshiping at their alter
Now we moving towards invincible
Reached heights still getting taller
Right, left makes us stronger”

“It doesn’t belong to the bourgeois
It doesn’t belong to the capitalist
You know who you are
Even if it leaves you with bloody fists
Take it back
It’s yours”

“Some things you have to be willing to die for.
Some things you have to be willing to kill for.”

Jesse Sobreviviente Cosme

A Breath of Fresh Air

​After a year where I was able to go to travel to various places across 4 different continents I thought it was important to understand the nature of travel and the things we are often blinded to during those travels. I hope this poem captures that a bit:

A breath of fresh air

A saying that goes without saying
Goes without words indicating
That it is a positive in the life of the person in which it’s permeating
But how different this breath can be

You step off the 747 plane and onto the island of which it’s inhabitants you know nothing of
Fuck do you care you just trying to soak up the sun
Vacation, your breath of fresh air

I wonder how the fuck I’m going to pay my rent this month
Landlord beating down my door
Unemployment rates sore
My son wonder why I never take him to the store
Why the gift flow has slowed
Does daddy not love him no more?
I light up my spliff hoping to mend my soul, it’s torn
Take a breath of fresh air

You lay back on the beaches soaking in the sun
See a cutie wearing little to none
wink your way as she takes her morning run
You smile and take a sip of that pineapple rum
Breath of fresh air

I demean and destroy myself everyday
Not sure how it got here, shit we don’t own no boats no planes
At least with this my happiness is feigned
The only time I’ve seen this much white is when I look at those in power
I pull that powder so deep I can barely see
Through my nose I breath my breath of fresh air

You come back from jet setting
To invest heavy in the oppressed deadly addictions
Fast food, consumerism, and television
Check your accounts and realize that you are set for life
You can retire early and your kids can take their time and find themselves
You done enough dirty to take care of them till they are past thirty
You lean back in your leather chair overlooking the skyline of the city you tear
And take a breath of fresh air

I fight and scrap because that’s the only way I know how
Shit I’ll fight my brother if it means we can move up out this town
Swollen fists, bloody noses, guns, knives are my tools chosen
It’s how I express my intent to live
By any means necessary
My mean is necessary to survive
My cope is so dope no lyric heard, read or spoke could give you this feeling
So I’m leaning back feeling it flow through our veins forgetting all the pain, all the pain,

I breath my last breath of fresh air

– Written from the perspective of Jose Cosme, Jaime “Jimmy” Cosme, and Juan “Lefty” Rivera.

Nuyoricans lost to the system too soon.


Sobreviviente – What is in a Name

Sobreviviente is my nickname.  It is my writing name.  But honestly it has become more than that.  So I want to share with you all a little more about the name and what it means to me:

On top of


Surviving is about living. Being above what people define living as. Getting in the essence of living. Always being on top of what it means to be living each and every moment. Always concern yourself with it. That’s what it means to survive.

Anytime you pretend you want to be free,
I hear them chanting my name
So be
So me
So civil
So disobediently
– Sobreviviente

Envisioned Future – One Step at a Time

“Transformation of the world implies a dialectic between the two actions: denouncing the process of dehumanization and announcing the dream of a new society.”

As we continue to strive past our current oppressive systems here in the USA and across the world there often becomes an urging for us to define what the alternative looks like.  Often when I denounce white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and heteronormative patriarchy the response is often well if not this than what else?  It is often hard for a being to think outside of their current frame of reference.  It is true that no idea is original.  All of our creations are simply manipulations of existing ideas and/or the collaboration of existing ideas and none is in fact truly and wholly unique on it’s own.

This inclination of human progression is important in understanding that a fully envisioned future would be an exercise in futility.  As people we need to build on innovation to reach a more improved future.  That being said the progressive approach should not be used to justify stagnation in progression towards liberation for marginalized and oppressed people.  We must push the envelop of revolution in a constant and steady direction where we will often be walking in the dark with a flash light where we can only point the flash light no more than a step or two ahead of us.

This may be frightening for some but it is the reality of how human progress and innovation has constantly happened.  There has been many innovations by “mistake” and many innovations that in no way reflected the original vision of the innovators involved.  Alexander Graham Bell for example intended the technology that would eventually become the telephone to be a sound device for his deaf mother.  Who would have envisioned that the intended sound device for the deaf would evolve to a handheld cellular device with near immeasurable functionality over 100 years later.

We must continue to denounce the process of dehumanization that the systems of oppression facilitate.   This part is more clear in it’s practice.  We also must constant envision a future society and in that vision we must be amendable, adjustable, and comfortable with their being gaps that must be filled at a later time.  We must be conscious of the principles and culture that must be embodied by that future society and allow the fluidity of human invention to fill in those gaps as they stay true to the principles and culture.

Who will bleed for change: Ode to Jermaine McBean

They say who will bleed for change

As our streets are covered in stains

They say who will bleed for change

When they forced us to be their slaves

Still haven’t been paid a fair wage

They say who will bleed for change

When one in three still locked inside a cage

They say who will bleed for change

On our backs this country was made

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz we always turning lemons to lemonade

They say who will bleed for change

As they rip apart our homes

For a new Starbucks or maybe just a 4 lane highway

They say who will bleed for change

While they shove heroine and cane in our veins

They say who will bleed for change

While our culture is now their fame

They say who will bleed for change

Our best interest is what they feign

They say who will bleed for change

While hashtags keep preceding our names

They say who will bleed for change

Air or real rifle we a threat all the same

They say who will bleed for change

While hands covered in the blood of Jermaine

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz they’ll never know our pain

They say who will bleed for change

Cuz they know how much blood they’ve spilt for things to remain the same

Lorde’s Inspiration 

Pray to the lorde

Asking Audre are we

Ready for your truth

Why your words spoken so softly

Maybe the frequency is too godly

Change the station hoping

We toking smoke that can remove the chains from our brain

And our babies can be less enslaved

I would say free but that’s so foreign to me

For that which is in me has been a decree

For empire, anything but Babylon is just a dream

CREAM mixed in my coffee chased with some lean

To numb the mind to everything we done seen

Thumb through the fixed choices of things we could be

Erased when I dissent like I was never sent to be me

She who rise makes me free to deny the box of my confines

In due time as you do time to make due time

Who am I

I am

Ready to rise to the top like that of the crop

Hop or leap frog the naught not to ignore the knots that bind our thoughts but to undo as I go through my own run throughs

Who’s who when we come through

All contribute cuz all work has value

And dignity

I talk to you, you sing to me

my love for you it rings of free

Indistinguishably as it may seem

Slow it down let’s walk not run

Ears rung as we ring around the roses

The closeness as we dispose this

Which we been holding, bag men and ladies

Crazy how light we been going and how deep we been molding

Our future flight for our spirits

Even if we ain’t always in it

I know we always near it

Let’s clear it
Who are we

We are

The Dealer and the Fiend

I try to pass my self destruction

Like the eruption of the seduction

My elation of our ingratiation into intoxication got my annunciation

Disrupted so I tuck in the fucking and all the sucking

Cucking as I’m chucking my self esteem

I can’t live up to my self it seems

What do I chase the love or the cream

So keen to what the lean

Body means to the kidney

But I’m kidding if I’m thinking I’m living long enough to realize the meaning

These meetings just a waste for the fiend

Am I the dreamer or am I the Dream

Am I the dealer or something in between
I control your greed

And I won’t let you go

No way

You’re everything I need

Eat and breath

And I won’t testify

We the same

Let’s just touch the sky
Sell and buy spirit so I can say I’m fly

Don’t drink too much don’t smoke too much don’t try

I don’t cry cuz it’s stock fell

Till the rise I lie in the grind

I rise with the tithes/tides

Hoping a clear path to divine

Can wash these thoughts from my mind

Can’t just take it but want it to be mines


Delirium hide my tremors

When I pull the lever hope I get better

Maybe Johnson will make it wetter when I enter

You give it you take it

You taste it you eat it

You live it you hate it

You break it you made it
I control your greed

And I won’t let you go

No way

You’re everything I need

Eat and breath

Won’t let you testify

Who’s ashamed

Let’s just touch the sky


Your claps ring through to dude mean nothing till I need food

So if I can pays my bills I’m good

Break some off to my hood

I’d do it without approval if I could
I’d be the tree in the Forrest

No one hears but they fear

Speak so low it draws you further and near

To be clear I smear and slur my words

Make me shine like my gold

Slugs pace as I slow the race between the case and the bullet

Then I pull it like the wool and

You can see our true speed

Tempted by our greed tempted by your lean

To pursue more validity

Please one more thought

That I’m more than possibility and potentiality

I’m real

I feel

As I heal from the deal

Made in Paris

Could never be like Ferris

Instead I’m like Ferris

Round and round

Till the sounds are drowned and a crown on ground is solace for the mound

Of margins in our towns

As your claps ring through to dude

They mean nothing till I need food

So if I can pay my bills I’m good

Break some off to my hood

I’d do it without approval if I could

Cuz if I can pay my bills I’m good