Labor Day

Unions and labor rights movement is essential to our pursuit of liberation. But it has to be intersectional. It has to include femme labor and black labor and immigrant labor, and trans labor, etc.

“Have you ever asked yourself
When did you consent
To their power

“Where do you go for blessings
When you can’t afford to move with the ti(des/thes)
You re(collect) with the people
And rise”

“We finally see what it means
To seize the means
And control the things
That produce
The needs
Necessary to be
To be me
To be you
To be we”

“We used to feel invisible
Worshiping at their alter
Now we moving towards invincible
Reached heights still getting taller
Right, left makes us stronger”

“It doesn’t belong to the bourgeois
It doesn’t belong to the capitalist
You know who you are
Even if it leaves you with bloody fists
Take it back
It’s yours”

“Some things you have to be willing to die for.
Some things you have to be willing to kill for.”

Jesse Sobreviviente Cosme


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