Envisioned Future – One Step at a Time

“Transformation of the world implies a dialectic between the two actions: denouncing the process of dehumanization and announcing the dream of a new society.”

As we continue to strive past our current oppressive systems here in the USA and across the world there often becomes an urging for us to define what the alternative looks like.  Often when I denounce white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and heteronormative patriarchy the response is often well if not this than what else?  It is often hard for a being to think outside of their current frame of reference.  It is true that no idea is original.  All of our creations are simply manipulations of existing ideas and/or the collaboration of existing ideas and none is in fact truly and wholly unique on it’s own.

This inclination of human progression is important in understanding that a fully envisioned future would be an exercise in futility.  As people we need to build on innovation to reach a more improved future.  That being said the progressive approach should not be used to justify stagnation in progression towards liberation for marginalized and oppressed people.  We must push the envelop of revolution in a constant and steady direction where we will often be walking in the dark with a flash light where we can only point the flash light no more than a step or two ahead of us.

This may be frightening for some but it is the reality of how human progress and innovation has constantly happened.  There has been many innovations by “mistake” and many innovations that in no way reflected the original vision of the innovators involved.  Alexander Graham Bell for example intended the technology that would eventually become the telephone to be a sound device for his deaf mother.  Who would have envisioned that the intended sound device for the deaf would evolve to a handheld cellular device with near immeasurable functionality over 100 years later.

We must continue to denounce the process of dehumanization that the systems of oppression facilitate.   This part is more clear in it’s practice.  We also must constant envision a future society and in that vision we must be amendable, adjustable, and comfortable with their being gaps that must be filled at a later time.  We must be conscious of the principles and culture that must be embodied by that future society and allow the fluidity of human invention to fill in those gaps as they stay true to the principles and culture.


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