Lorde’s Inspiration 

Pray to the lorde

Asking Audre are we

Ready for your truth

Why your words spoken so softly

Maybe the frequency is too godly

Change the station hoping

We toking smoke that can remove the chains from our brain

And our babies can be less enslaved

I would say free but that’s so foreign to me

For that which is in me has been a decree

For empire, anything but Babylon is just a dream

CREAM mixed in my coffee chased with some lean

To numb the mind to everything we done seen

Thumb through the fixed choices of things we could be

Erased when I dissent like I was never sent to be me

She who rise makes me free to deny the box of my confines

In due time as you do time to make due time

Who am I

I am

Ready to rise to the top like that of the crop

Hop or leap frog the naught not to ignore the knots that bind our thoughts but to undo as I go through my own run throughs

Who’s who when we come through

All contribute cuz all work has value

And dignity

I talk to you, you sing to me

my love for you it rings of free

Indistinguishably as it may seem

Slow it down let’s walk not run

Ears rung as we ring around the roses

The closeness as we dispose this

Which we been holding, bag men and ladies

Crazy how light we been going and how deep we been molding

Our future flight for our spirits

Even if we ain’t always in it

I know we always near it

Let’s clear it
Who are we

We are


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