Make the Grey Matter

Do you know how much it fucking hurts

To envision your grey matter splattered

So the black and grey matter

Clothes tattered gold grill fuck platinum

Can’t fathom how you hatch em

Catch em Screaming fuck America

Even when we ain’t knowing why we scared of her

White Lady liberty created for white babies to feed

We still waiting in line like a pick up waiting for our time to shine

Our nuptials never come

Find us in the margins with a gun little time

I would be sick and tired but ran out of sick days last night

Am I angry or am I just guilty

Making 100 stacks flow in so easily

Ask me why I’m so sexy

Patriarch mixed with some white supremacy

There’s no defending me and there’s no defending us

When the bust of success sucks so good you bout to go nutssssss


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