I don’t care

The divinity within me

Frightened so many 

Even me

Poly Theoretically

Embedded deep

I’m heavenly blessed with intense eccentricities

Incapabilities escaping me

I know I kill myself so beautifully

Each breath is life and death

I choose both to be power

I choose to fill every hour

With life and love to fill a tower

I babel when I rattle of thoughts

Embattled with my gifts and curse

Why do you come to me with all your needs

Insanity, it seems my blessings be, coupled with that which is tin sans it’s tee

Phonetically at least 

Sometimes I wish I can just be rattling off rhymes to pass the time and find dimes to build comfort and crime

But you always ask more

One more tour in this war for our collective conscious, our soul

Just waiting for the day I absorb into the earths core

Either through meditation or disintegration

My meds is ancient, and this is the greatest

What you’re witnessing is a compilation of constant revelations

Keep ignoring and watch as apocalypse X out all men


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