Love the biggest troll

How can I discover so much and still be so fucking lost?

So little I need, yet so much cost.

Every rebirth feels like another death sentence,

As I delve into new dimensions, losing each frame of reference.

Missing my totem since the inception,

Making investments while working towards capitalism’s divestment.

Decrepit in my methods

To battle the wretched.

Even in my best,

I can’t say I’m not just making more of a mess.

I text her to get it off my chest.

“I want to change the world”, I express.

Love, I think I need your help. 

Revolutionize the world, revolutionize yourself.

Collective conscious can’t be quelled,

Enlightenment can be felt, 

In every space and time you dwell. 

But love I’m scared, every step towards the light I feel I’m losing what’s mind/mine?

And love what about the people when is it their time?

Ellipsis is how she kissed me,

Told me without saying goodbye.


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