I am what you think I am 


I inform the people of their ability to be free 

To embrace every blemish

Every peculiarity

And see nothing but beauty


I snitch on the pervasiveness of injustices that control the minds bodies and souls of our people

I snitch on the tactics of divisiveness that have kept us from revolting against the oppression that controls our food, our water, our land, and our pursuit of happiness
I am a COP

I cop out of the excuses made by most who remain pawns

I cop the resources necessary to build revolution within myself

So I can create revolution within the world
Your labels won’t stop me from being me

I have no desire for egotistical rewards or remembrance

I don’t do what I do to have my name appear in a book, article, or news report

I’m fully aware that my reputation and my past will always be used against me by those who know nothing about me

This is bigger than me and I’m willing to live for this

I’m willing to die for this
This is revolution and we all will play our part. 


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