Gracias a ti y a tus ojos

You don’t know me

I don’t know you
But as my heart gazes upon you
It feels love

It’s funny how we’ve made love so complex

Restricted to very specific guidelines of time, space, and knowledge of the recipient of the love

But is that truly necessary

When we see a field of flowers and fall in love for those moments do we hold those same standards

We don’t understand anything past the pollination and photosynthesis of those flowers which isn’t much more than we understand the personality of an acquaintance

Why is it more acceptable to love something so much less dynamic but just as much surface level understanding?

What are the negatives of the surface level love?

When love carries us to greatness why do we hold such a mentality of scarcity regarding love?

Especially when our lives are riddled with overindulgence in almost everything else we do

I say love

Love now

Love later

Love without knowing why

Love when you know exactly why

Because love is a renewable resource

You can replicate love as many times as you want without running out if you so choose 

So for everyone who has been the muse for a strong sense of love within me I thank you

I love you


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