It Could All Be So Complex

It could all be so simple

I could just tell you when I miss you

Touch you or even kiss you

Just to remember how your lips feel

Escape the constraints

Instead distance remains

Remnants of your elegance

In my temporal lobe

But I temper my love

Damaged Boraca’s area

Can’t come up with words

Let Lauren sing it

While I envision enacting verbs

Time running congruent

Something I’ve done, will do, or doing

At times the teacher other times the student

I knew it from the moment I leaned my head against yours

My third eye recognized a light

Vortex created the detour

Time and space escape as innate as the Devine we now embrace

Heart race thoughts pace as I chase in play your entrapped in my embrace and I’m wrapped up in your grace

Just a taste of your essence

Incites elevation like Schindler

Keep me off the list, willing victim entrapped and enwrapped in your skin 


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