Is it real, is it real 3 

Is it real is it real

I’m never inferior

Just a little in fear of a
Reflection in the mirror
Peak to the interior
To see the creator
In tears he understood
What you feeling cuz
Is it real is it real
Only clear mirror
Is the picture delivered
By the silence after its whispered
Mural begins to figure
As the words continue to simmer
And Stomach grumbles from meatless dinners
Meet less din or
Me lessened
Till we lessoned
Is it real is it real 
To feel so fruitful and so lifeless
My senses heighten to match the plight in
Place as I race to take it to the face
And chase with haste to remove the taste of Mother Nature’s embrace
Is it real is it real
Our pride, or is it feigned to provide
Weapons to collide with socialized
Minds meant to divide our tribes using lies
Do we lie on top of lies hoping on it we can fly
Or are we just flies, Mosquitos buzzing in their ear trying to emulate our Heroes 
She hearing me, I’m hearing her
Maybe I’m inferior
Or just a little in fear of her
Steering her to areas 
That bear fruits interior
Nothing is scarier
Aware we are God nights unravel and germinate like pushing through the sod
In that moment I pause
Is it real is it real

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