17 Holes

Maybe with 17 holes I’ll be able to leak out my soul
Upstate or upsky fuck we’ll never know
Same difference either way makes us cold
Mama made me she broke the mold
Now she scared her baby gonna fold
Over as the exit wound explode
Conformity took it’s toll
Where we’ll go?
I don’t know
But stay here is a no no
No nose to follow
Two can play that game
Known no’s I swallow
Jump on the train
No knows, so hollow
Feet away from death
That stone could be mine
17 holes to give you my soul
16 bars engaged
Yo, so free
Flow can never be caged
Enraged like a sage
Trough the page escape the maze
Of this every day daze
Still think about you every day
Taste, shake my head try to pace
On my way to Israel hoping not to get tased
Can’t waste away in the paper chase they say
Hit something laced while you hit shorty in something laced
Can’t complain when faced
With the American Dream
But 17 holes made me leak out my soul
In search of…
My sunflower seeds
So I can grow that sun out of me
When I see you I feel the sun inside shouting see
It’s not just who we are but who we will to be
That box the world gave us
It will be no more
All they gave me was 17 holes
I gave em my soul
I wonder if Jose smiles when they drop the name of his only baby boy
I wonder if he’s an Angel like I was always told
Like his name in ways foretold
I wonder if you’re reborn
If your gaze I’ll ever hold
I wonder if I’m next
If I’m even in the fold
Just trying to keep warm
Sometimes it gets cold
Wonder if you smile
See me in her arms
Like she’s the whole world
Wonder if you pay
When I Poe
Attention, I don’t know
I couldn’t thank you more
For giving me my soul
Through your 17 holes


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