Freedom behind bars

Must I give up my freedom to truly be free
Is isolation the answer
An escape from the confines and mental bars of societal pressures and norms
Entrap my body to keep intact my soul
It is merely a vessel anyway
To deliver me to transcendence
A pawn that should be sacrificed when the time is right
Or is it my queen that I shouldn’t throw away so haphazardly
Even a queen must be given up if the situation calls for it
If freeing the soul is not the right time
I don’t know what is
Thoreau, Gandhi, Huey, and Martin all found freedom behind bars
I’ve tried but can’t find freedom behind bars
What about traveling
I could just follow the stars
Live like a nomad
No man made law could catch up to me quick enough
Once it did I’d already be gone
Would that make me free
My body would be free
To come and go as it pleased
But what of my mind,
What of my soul?


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