The life liver

When I see you it feels like I’m dancing in the rain
Liberate from the weight and the pain
Feeling just a little more sane
When I let you in my brain
You dig into my soul
Shake my chakras and realign me at my very core
Oh how I adore your essence your being
Got me 😍 when I’m seeing
You see in you things I hope to be
Hope to me is how I hope to be
Hopefully you see what you’ve done to me
And do to us
Let your light shine so bright
It’s uncommon to trust
Anything you can’t tame or understand
Nothing can tame that lion’s mane
That lioness contains
Money power and fame can’t encapsulate from where you came
And where you are
You a star
Not red carpets
But cathartic sights above shooting without a trigger
Nothing bigger than you
The life liver


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