Thoughts of a revolutionary #28 – writer

She wants to be an astronaut because she’s sure there’s another world out there
And she needs to be there
Tired of inhaling lies
At buy one get one free fares
Shit ain’t fair
How our people fare
How our people don’t care
Or don’t know enough
Enlightenment receives nothing but blank stares
Yes of course to elevate it takes stairs
Steps in the right direction
But if you want us to take you home
We must all move in one direction
I know you can’t feel anything but fear
It’s okay we can’t feel we can only hear
But if we stay here
Soon we won’t have any exploitable peers
And tears we running out of those too
It takes a song for us to induce
Like a coma we pretend so well
I don’t belong here
I know you feel the same way
Catch this space ship with me
All it takes is to open your mind
Don’t commit suicide though
Just open your mind like a pair of suicide doors
I hope y’all feel this one day
And not something stupid I wrote


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