Thoughts of a revolutionary #18 – ferguson

We get so distracted by the rhetoric
Ferguson and Mike Brown
Good kid, mad city
Or menace to society
Distraction to the fact that the only menace is society
This is so much bigger than 10 or 11 pulls of a trigger towards an unarmed kid or man
It’s a systemic oppression and regression towards depression
For millions that is the problem brought to light and the problem that needs addressing
Guilt or innocence in this case doesn’t much more than just 12 years a slave
Much more than the years enchained
Were those years we had to walk in chains to protest the flaws in your game
Now are those years where we only find importance in a chain
That coupled with fame of rags to riches I blame
For the great allusion that has made us this way
We must work together to move past this and attain
Higher sense of self no more walking with our cane
No more Abel, no more Cain
Now open eyes now we can raise
Our kids to relive the dreams he envisioned
His dreams were not diminished
Just put on hold and though they got cold
Kinetic energy can warm


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