Thoughts of a revolutionary # 17

What is crazy
But a lazy way to categorize
Something we don’t understand
Something new to our eyes
Something new to our mind
So we dull the world
With prescription drugs
Liquor shots
Blunt totes
In hope that we can fit into the role that they wrote for us
Parents, teachers lay the basis for the homeostasis we chasing
Basing reality on while we free basing
Facing ourselves in the mirror
Seeing us like the world seen by the Fuhrer
Fewer deviations from the norm
Challenges of authority at it’s core
But challenges to authority get you cut by the chord
Revolutionaries we adore
But when revolution knocks on your door
Will you answer or be content with the norm
Why you looking confused you knew this would be war
The media will spin it to their benefit
But look in your heart you’ll see what’s real
Stop taking those drugs and I promise you you’ll feel
Money, pussy, and success can give you that same delusion
Excluding reality chasing that high
Five, deep dive, yacht ride
Whether or not y’all join me freedom is mine
I release my mind
So that you won’t have to re-lease your mind
Without even reading lease guidelines and obligations
They guide lines of people like sheep
And oblige a nation of millions to hold us back
Those who think become public enemy number one
When the true public enemy are the ones
Who dumb down there art to double down on the charts
Double down the carts of money
Pretending they’ll change the system from the top
When the only change in the system is the top level allusion they display
To keep up the confusion


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