Thoughts of a revolutionary #19

There goes that weirdo
You can’t sit with us
Fuck it I don’t need friends
Anniston, she told me is never touch her and now it’s in
And once I’m out I just wish I would have let her in
But I don’t because I know deep within
There’s only one I’m interested in
Besides her the rest I have fleeting interest in
Accruing interesting sins
A crew like mine interesting fin
Kin to a king
Even when moor blood in my vein
More blood spilt in vain
Just want to correct it but I’m the one who’s insane?
I’m the one driving 100 in the opposite lane
Dodging rush hour traffic
Suicidal tendencies but no other way I would have it
Addict in my own way
I add it up in my own way
Just looking for a couple comrades who stay
I just want them to stay
Even though we all know the day we born is really a death sentence
We scorn those who embrace their death as a way to inspire not lessen
Dressing up reality
Pretending we don’t see what’s underneath
Running from the pain find my fix under sheets
Hiding from the game I never find what I seek
Now I find what I seek


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