Pleasure delayed

I used to be thirsty searching
Now I spit something versey
Till they thirsty purging
Cursey lackluster and wordy
Lacking nothing but worthy
Turn this whole thing topsy turvey
Mike/my Leigh/lead inspiring
My lee, so timely
So timeless
You doubt this than time me
Please try me
Don’t try meet
Higher planes
The higher planes go where fighter planes don’t
I fire plain dopes
With fire, plain dope
My tired ain’t so
My tire ain’t go
Just round and round
Up and down
Listen closely
Sound by sound
Hidden deep within profound
Had to be a pro who found
But stole the clown
Bozo now in scope
In town
Sheriffs here
Don’t shoot me down
Pound for pound
Sugar taste and sugar sound
Sobre’s here it’s so great now


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