Thoughts of a revolutionary entry # 15

I’m at a loss for words
Wondering if we will always take loss in wars
Wondering if what could be lost is war
With ourselves we lost at war
Glorify loss and war
Glory has never loss much more
Clever distractions to temper our reactions
It’s like we starting from scratch taking reaction
We lacking revolutionary preaction
I’m here acting like I’m not tree axing
Without compassion no anticipation of what will happen
Catching feelings like moss grows on trees
Seeking healings like moms wants me free
But she don’t see all the things this government has done to me
Shouldn’t be scared when blue and red roll up on scene
Shouldn’t have to see all the things we done seen
Look up at the top none of they hands are clean
But only we get stopped for wearing the colors of our team
Want to stop robbing and looting provide us with basic needs
Or at least provide us with means
Don’t sell me a promise with empty dreams
I know money and debt is more oppression than it seems
Still chase money and debt is flowing out my seams
Trying to manage it all and live well within my means
Hoping for collapse and regression back towards the mean
Knowing last collapse all that progressed was greed
I just hope my words aren’t just tongue and cheek
I’m still hoping one day we meet
I’m still hoping one day we meet


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