Thoughts of a revolutionary # 14

Schizophrenic mind
Skits off end of mine
Rhymes escape space and time
Riots mute like mime
Forget it all is crime
They gave their life
In death we live in spite
Forget love to live in shine
Cover the ugly, only what’s in sight
Show the riches forget the rags
Show the day forget about the night
This whole act is trite
Wholistic plight
Put my whole in this fight
Despite the hole in this flight
Mismanage your disadvantage
And you can only hope to be just average
While there’s others who just hope to be average
When you start cleaning barracks you know you can never be a captain
Savage how they attacking
Those lacking tactics
To complete action back and
When retroaction happens
Reaction closed caption
Latching blame to those who can’t defend from where they came
It’s insane
Every part of us could be chains
No part of us could be sane
Without part of us being slain


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