Where am I

It’s like I can’t tell the difference between the hallucination and reality
Hell use this sensation real badily
One of Saturn rings be
Surrounding me
It’s all lost in the grey and the color
Wonder which is truth
When I discover
Will that just be an allusion
Alluding to illusion
Like the mirror
Reflection never doing justice
I know I’m more than just this
I know she got more than just tits
I know I can give her more than just dick
But that’s just it
I can’t escape the high, the allure
Always seek more
Like a fiend at the door
Of his of his white horse
Maybe that’s what’s fake
So common to accept
Except when you open
No longer coping
With distortion
But the dream offers it’s own haze
Only my mind in daze
All alone for days
But we’re always with they
With them
With kin
Wicked how the world can confuse me soul
Brother number three
So watch it when your brother speak
Glory seep through the air to your pores
Seeking your inner core
Restore you from the bore
That bore more of the same
Numb to the world to the war


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