Thoughts of a revolutionary # 11

No no no
I don’t need you
To tell me who I am
Who I could be
Who I can
And cannot be with
Thought I should
Now I do see
Fear, me?
Only fear me
You fearing
Imagine where fear lead
Getting real at me
Concealing the
Truth in Ruth
In her eyes in her thighs
And the way that they move
22s peel like banana clips do
Clipped on that banana
They guerrilla you too
Go realer than dealer
Pushing Mac concealer
Feel her touch her
Hug her pretending you love her
Pretend that she love you
Pretend that she need you
Kids gone, so long, so short when she leave you
Don’t foresee the path that precedes you
Priest heeds you leads you to see through
Knowing you won’t see through
The thoughts that will seed you
See who you are
Never could equal
secede who you believe you can be
Who see seeds grew to something you see you can too


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