Let’s start from the now
Not start from the beginning
Forget from where I came
I am
How far past the ceiling
I see them all there cheering
While I’m fearing
How far from reality am I drifting
Worry about what you have
Not what you missing
Kissing, ripping, twisting, windows misting, back back and forth when you hipping, hopping, hoping for more, toasting allure
You know that feeling ey
When insane
Has begun to creep inside your brain
Try to maintain
But the main tame
Mechanism refrains
From doing what it should
Doing what it must
Do it cuz you must
Don’t do it cuz you lust
Do it cuz in her presence you feel luck
Don’t worry if it will last a day, a week, a month
When she makes you feel this way any length of time is enough


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