Writer’s block

Writer’s block
Write to block
Receptors and preceptors
Guiding towards ordinary textures
Boring weary lectures
About all important successors
Impotent successful
I’m potent suck it’s full
Not worried about success tools
Used to measure what you want me to do
I’ll do me. You do you
I do free. You want to
Are those your possessions
Or do they posses fools
Or not necessarily
Love me or marry me?
Sometimes maybe both can be
Sometimes maybe both can see
The truth behind the cloak indeed
The truth, be, fly, hope, secede
They wonder why my words
Illustrating philosophy
I promised I would choose my words to not damage the dream
Not damage my team
No damn age comes between
The truth and canvase we choose to paint
Forsake what was told
Challenge it all
For their sake always stand tall
Even when it’s cold
No matter how high
Don’t be afraid to fall


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