Thoughts of a revolutionary # 10

I just want to wake up everyday and do everything I want to do
Not worry every day about what they want me to do
Love my love
Write my poems
Rap my rhymes
Sing my songs
Play my guitar
And no one tells me to stop
Life so pure no where else id want to go
No illusions no more faux
This dream is mine
If I share it with you will you book me for a show
Read a book of me just so I can show
How a man can overcome and stow
I was taught to unload and go
But I love you too much
I don’t want to do this alone
We have to change it all so we can do it without a loan
Because this world is so cold
We will bring light
We will bring warm
Even through plight
We weather the storm
We continue to fight
Never delivering a blow
We will take flight
Even if our hope is forlorn
God is in out eyes
And carries through our soul


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