More than a man

The hulk bursting out of the chains Bruce banners body became
Insane to contain
A soul and a brain
In a frame of reference
And restraint
They point and the laugh
Cast every stone
Truth will always last
And swarm past
Your ignorance and selfishness
Cuz hiding your helplessness
Is cool to be succinct
I am so much more than a man
So much more than who you think I am
I accept all it’s gifts
So I am it
Close your first eye so you can’t even see it in every sin
In everything you are
And everything you been
In every single star
In everywhere you went
In every single scar
When you don’t think you shit
It’s there knocking
The difference is I have let it in
When you see my light give sight to the blind
My slight of hand turn water into wine
You’ll book me for a show hoping that I’ll do a shuck and jive
I will open mine so that I will minds
In space or time
I will die and continue to rise


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