Hope you love all of my shit

Emotions on my sleeve
Where do they go when I’m sleeveless
Chip on my shoulder is heavy
Do I need this?
Instead of get rid of
I fees this
That’s why I choose to sleep less
Sleep blessed nights just a thing of the past
Sleepless dreams don’t even need to close my eyes
Weedless highs feel like I’m kissing the sky
Malcolm X convos am I losing my mind?
Don’t worry so they can’t see past those dark eyes
Pretend and it’ll all be fine
It ain’t a lie if you do it to protect then right?
Try to give her so much flight that I leave/lea her higher/hia
The higher leave her(Hialeah)
Seekers greet us as we fly away from the lies that try to beat us
Tweak us
Oh oh lord
So close so far you are when you greet us
Greed must keep us from feeling closer
Keep is feeling sober
Sobre wordplay turn em out till they eventually turn gay
Not that there’s a single thing wrong
With that
Hacky sack idea till it falls right on your lap
Pack a pack of Xanax
panic attack
sand acts
Are we more than a single grain
Shadows and dust
In the shadows we lust
And try to hide it when realizing that so long gone is dusk
Appearance is a must
Appear in instamust
See photography
TV, vine wrapping around our mind
Rapping around our minds
Rapping around the mines
Lives, hooks, bars, verses, curses,
Cars, clothes, took those, women searching, & purses
Just hoping for that day we can 22 inch wheel hearse it

This part right here man
This part right here my shit
I play this shit so loud I forgot where I went
Shit I play this shit so loud so you can hear me spit
I just hope you love my shit
I just hope you love all of my shit


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