If I were to scream at the top of my lungs
Would anybody hear me
If I were to let you hear every word my heart sung
Would you feel me
I clung
To your words
I devoured your passion
Hung on your world
Looked passed what was lacking
To me you’re like a pearl
A diamond
Made my head swirl
To you I was latching
Who the fuck am I kidding
The feelings still catching me
Acting like my heart was fastened
To a stolen F150 doing 100 on the highway
All I wanted was my way
Just for you to look over in my way
Those pretty eyes bat and you blush in that shy way
That you do
Caught up in my emotions
While they flooding my inbox with pics
Stirring some other motion
Pass it all up to stick
With your mixed potion
Number 9
I know time
Will keep me going


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