Thoughts of a revolutionary entry 7

Dreams so vivid
Can no longer tell what’s real
Maybe I should stay there
It’s the only place I feel
Kneel to the God
Hoping it will seal
My date with great
How is this different
To a deal with the devil
He used to be God’s favorite
Why can’t we use his power to say we made it
Change our fate
Our family we saved it
We crave it
So bad we do anything to take it
Money power respect is what we don’t have
But that’s what we kill for
Rob and steal for
They claim progress to distract from the fact
That there’s still more
As you can guess already
Revolution is what I request of every
Man woman and child
We need to change the way we think
Change the way we act
And change the way we treat each other
Cannibalistic how we eat each other
Animalistic as we ignore our beseeching brother
Creating scarcity
When we have the power to feed each other
Instead we want the power to feed each other
Who can give us more power over those who can’t feed each other
We either live as brothers or perish as fools
At least when it comes to perishing we got all the tools


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