Thoughts of a revolutionary entry 6: Huey P inspiration

In the speech of Huey P
Who are we
To use words
Regardless of complexity
To describe who we be
Simply me
Like bumble bee
Bird in flight
Free to varying degree
At various time
Precarious mind
Invariably mine?
Or just a piece a sand
Blown in the wind
In possible to find
Impossible refined
No rewind
Across universal planes
We lie
I try so hard to define
But presence necessitates
A less than stellar description
Pride tied down to diction
Pride tide up when dicks in
Something to prove
What’s missing
Mind wanders so far
Will they miss him
Just remember that one last time she kissed him
He wanted to stay
The world was enlisting
One more martyr
One more time for the mothers brother daughters
Open up your eyes
1, 2, 3
Let out a cry
For everyone to see
Reveal all the truth in the lies
So one day I can lie
With her in peace


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