Share our light

I gave you my life
I gave you my light
Even in my darkest hour
I never want this world to be mind
I want it to be ours
Yea I got that from ab
But if they’re borrowed does it give the words less power
I want us to grow
Like the sunflower
Tower over the ugly
Create a better existence
Till the day we exit this
I don’t know if we ever change the world
But I hope we never stop dreaming we can
Weekdays and weekends
We do all that we can
That’s all they can ask of we fam
No more sheep, no more lamb
Wolf pack or Lycans
We love this world
And they might want us gone
But we ain’t going away
We staying here as long
As we do we will make them all awake
Shine so bright
We all show our light


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