My sunflower

Maybe ordinary women weren’t meant for me
Maybe I’m too real for their complexity
Letting past determine what their reaction be
But no past compares accurately
Seems like all the odds keep on stacking b
I gotta tell myself something to keep my sanity
She asking me why can’t she stop herself from laughing, from smiling, from feeling everything’s so right
I ask why does that mean she gotta fight?
Take the flight to reality unseen
A world with a throne
And you a queen
Not saying nothing will go wrong
But as long as I breath
Sunflower your my favorite song
As long as you follow me
And lead me
Have the power to believe in
Forbidden sins
Cross lines other never been
Perceptions and paradigms
Exceptional yea my dime
Is extra so damn fine
I started off writing a sad love lost
Now I’m lost in the idea that I can be lost in your love


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