Thoughts of a revolutionary entry 4

What’s better than Mary Jane
Is being merry with jane
Realizing no presence ever made you feel this way
That’s better than any present or any wealth you can attain
A tain holding up your reflection
So you can see what you became
What’s better than Resurrection through heroin or maybe cocaine
Is resurrection for a heroine or giving up coke in exchange
For what came
Naturally on this earth
Passionately keeping you sane
Knowing exing out change does nothing but keep you the same
Growth comes from challenge
Damage and sometimes pain
Don’t coast through manage be a savage grab the reins
Knowing the rules are rigged don’t be fooled into playing the same ol game
Don’t be blinded by the month the lights or the fame
We use our dames to slander and distract us from great
When dames our full of royalty their disk tracks filled with nothing but great
Insatiable desire for things that are fake
Or man made
Less respect for the creatures that man makes
Than for that which we write checks
We will right checks into our past when we start focusing on the now
Our future looking darker so please don’t ask me how
I know we’re going to make it but don’t ask me how
Light at the end of the tunnel please don’t ask me now


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