Thoughts of a revolutionary entry #3

Where am I
How did I get here
I asked for this?
So let what I asked for tear
All the hope of what could be there
Give up what is
In hope of what could be fair
Pain of now enough to justify
Escape the pain with women I’m lusting by
Morphine opposite of make me fight
Numbing hurt making me more a feen
So close to a savior so close to a fiend
Wonder if DR king would know what I mean
If X would know what to do next
Vexed by the incumbent hex
Left by the failures that the great ones
Left feels so right, right is wrong
Upside down don’t know what I’m standing on
Flying high no designated landing zone
Hand in phone detaching my sanity gone
Hughes genius child translated to song
Rip me to shreds because the level I’m on
Don’t level up mediocrity so long
As we can force greatness away, so long
Unless it’s great at sin Byron so Long


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