You took a piece of my heart from the start
As we put it together I saw it falling apart
But I proceeded in need or want of that elusive feeling
Heart beating rate speeding
747 as it’s leaving MIA or FTL
Way passed the bay as I hold you close treasure every cell
Release me from my cell
Ignoring rings to my cells
Don’t believe in diamond rings or jewels
But those rings suit you well
Truths do prevail
In time as in rhyme
I can start about the ugly
End up about how fine
You are
No bars
Can cage
Break free
My word
I hang on every noun, every syllable, every verb
My nerves
Baby I just want to hold your curves
They say the blacker the berry
The sweeter the juice
But when I think about taste all I think about’s you
When I think about us all I think about’s glue
Elmer when I’m around you keep it berry berry quiet
But I’m not just hunting rabbit
Hunting habits
Have you coming back like an addict
If I had it my way
That’s how id have it
Or something to that extent
For now id just settle to see your name in my text


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