Thoughts of a revolutionary entry

I’m almost there
Almost where
I can leave behind time
And be almost bare
It’s almost fair
To be oh so fair
And have so much fare
To take me where there’s
Just trees and bears
Tortoise and hares
This life we care bout
Tore this hair out
Told them we’re clout
Stop looking at their house
Their rout
Paved with whips and chains
So you can think you’re rich
With whips and chains
So you can think you fit in
Crazy meng
Eyes so shut
We fix our cuffs and buy our bars
But you can run a microscope by our bars
Ain’t finding a thing but lion talk
No lying talk
Lying off
In a beach somewhere
Fishing farming
Nappy hair
Love seems to be my only care
So God seems to be always there
Despite popular belief he’s always fair
See the glow in the flow
Of positive and negative
Ying and yang
I’m the most beautiful of souls and an evil man
Balance between the two
Wonder how I even stand
It’s easy man
When you accept the beauty in the dichotomy
I’m proud of you you proud of me
I’m jealous of you you’re jealousy of me
We just manage things a little differently
You see the difference be
In our perspectives
You want what I want
I respect it
Realize my path is unique
I might be at my bottom you at your peak
Focus not on you but what I seek
I’m cream I’ll rise to top


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