Old love

It’s taken me some time
To transcribe to rhyme
The place you hold
In my heart, body, & mind
Imprinted on my soul
At 16, my eyes, they were yours
You was my first
Didn’t care if I was your second, third or fourth
Wanted to kiss you hold you
Till you absorbed through my pores
Oh boo, the light you bestowed too
Brought sight to my dark cold world
Dive into your eyes was to
Embark on world tours
Over the years we grew together & apart
But nothing can be remembered like the start
Two awkward insecure kids
Stars hiding behind eye lids
Goodbye Ms, cruise
If you was in my shoes
You’d say goodbye to them too
If only I know now what I knew
So true so pure
Uncouth no cure
Desire required, the allure
Though we withdrew
Would never undo
The do we do
Or we did since the first kiss
Our first lip
The tick


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