Silence My Mind

After a conversation with a friend where I shared that I very rarely sleep the whole night through and she told me how I need to have the ability to turn my brain off and be at rest. I had never really thought about that. I always had an issue with sleeping the whole night through and being overly pensive so I never saw it as much of an issue. But she really opened my eyes to my lack of ability to be at peace and tranquility without thinking about other things and getting caught into ideas about work, life, fraternity, etc..

So today I decided to try my best to be in the moment and quieting my mind so that I can live in the present and in the moment instead of having to deal with my mind wandering into areas that cause greater stress in my life. It was so difficult for me to feel at ease and tranquil for an extended period of time.

I really have to take this as one of my immediate learning priorities. To learn how to be at ease with myself. It is very important for my health, physically, mentally and spiritually. All three key areas of my health are impacted by such a subtle idea that had not occurred to me to very recently. But that is how it usually is isn’t it? The smallest things make the biggest ripples.

I am off on this next journey. My Pursuit of Happyness.


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